How To Legalize Basement in Brampton

How To Legalize Basement in Brampton – Many of you will have basement apartments in the house. A homemade basement apartment has many advantages. You can use it to keep unnecessary stuff and also keep tenants. Well-built basements serve as a great source of income, but very few people actually have legal apartments in Brampton. If you also have a basement under your house and you have not registered it legally, then you should get your basement registered. We know you must have a question in mind regarding How to Legalize Basement in Brampton? Right?

However, as a basement owner, you have to bear full responsibility for your apartment. If you have bought your home from an agent, make sure that the basement of your house is legal as per government regulations as most agents do not legalize basements.

How To Legalize Basement in Brampton?

Registering your Second unit –

A second unit is a self-contained residential unit that is located within a home. This unit may be in a part of your house including the basement. It is illegal unless it has been registered. Second unit registration and building permit applications are accepted in person at the Flower City Community Campus and you have a total of 18 months to complete the registration process from the date you have submitted your application to ensure your Second unit registration meets all the needs.

Pre-application Review

Second units are allowed in detached as well as for semidetached dwellings subject to zonal requirements which include –

  • Only one-second unit is allowed into a two-unit dwelling.
  • No additional parking space is required.
  • Second-unit Dwellings are not allowed on open space land zones, as well as floodplain regulation areas.
  • The entrance to the second unit should be located inside or rear yard.

When these conditions will fulfill then you can proceed further to a submission of a building permit application for change of use to a Two-unit dwelling.

Permit ApplicationHow To Legalize Basement in Brampton?

It includes three requirements –

  • Application Form
  • Construction Drawing
  • Registration Fees

Building Permit Issue

Once your application approves you will receive a call to pick up your permit.

  • You have to contact the Region of Peel, Engineering Development services for the arrangement of a new water connection. As water supply must be upgraded to meet the increased demand for the house.
  • Your sample drawing Design should refer to the 2012 Ontario Building Code.
  • The approval permit drawings must be kept on-site all the time during construction as well as inspection.

Inspection Requirements

You have to call to arrange for all required inspections. You can book your inspection by dialing 905-874-3700. This unit inspection includes

  1. Above ground and under-ground plumbing
  2. Framing
  3. Insulation as well as Air Barrier
  4. HVAC Rough-in
  5. Final Building, HVAC, Plumbing

By following all the requirements, an Occupancy Permit for the second unit will be issued. This permit requires completing the final registration.

Electrical Safety Authority

Verification of compliance with the Electrical Safety Authority requirements is mandatory prior to the final registration of all second units in the city of Brampton. However, this process is ensuring that the electric wire service in the second unit is safe or properly installed.

Final Registration regarding How To Legalize Basement in Brampton?

Final Registration requires Occupancy Permit as well as Electrical Safety Authority Inspection Report. You have to submit all the reports and documents to the Zoning Examiner at the customer service counter. After then, the final registration will be offered to you.

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