Legal Basement Brampton Mississauga GTA

There are two types of legal basement permit

  1.   Simple Basement Finish (exclusive for owner’s use) (May have washroom, kitchen, bedrooms and recreation area)
  2.    Secondary Unit Permit  (Separate dwelling to be rented to another family) i. This may have some space for owner’s use as well)  Must have washroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, exclusive or shared laundry ii Separate entrance to secondary unit (through above grade side entrance, back yard below grade entrance or garage)  iii Above grade side entrance is created by opening a new door in side wall. iv Door has to be minimum 4’0” from owner’s side property line. v Below grade entrance may be in rear yard or side yard provided side yard width is adequate. It should have few steps going down and at bottom a new door opening in exterior wall of basement. Entrance through garage is possible if one normal hinge exterior door is provided on exterior wall of garage and 4’0” fire separated passage is required in garage leading to basement.